Why End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney Is A Must For Landlords

Being a landlord comes along with some awesome perks. The semi-passive income and having tangible assets are all great perks. However, in order to keep tenants flowing into your rental units, you’ll need to have desirable spaces. Part of being desirable is having a clean rental unit. https://www.rta.qld.gov.au/Renting/Before-you-rent/Types-of-tenancy-agreements/Share-homes-and-cotenancies

Why Does End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney Matter?

When your old tenants move out, it’s likely there is some cleaning that will need to be done. When it comes to cleaning, there’s the usual dusting and sweeping and then there’s the deep cleaning. This includes things like descaling tub doors, cleaning the oven grime, and cleaning out behind the stove. All of these deep cleaning aspects are what make a rental unit look particularly attractive to prospective tenants. 

It’s very obvious to the naked eye why units that are professionally cleaned look better than units that were unprofessionally cleaned. For this reason, it pays to put an end of lease cleaning Sydney clause in your rental agreements. When you require your tenants to pay a professional to clean the unit, you’ll have a cleaner unit that will be ready to show to new prospective tenants. Always require that the current tenant provide you with a receipt from a professional end of lease cleaning Sydney company so that you can truly verify the cleaning was done right. 

Not Having The End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney Clause Is A Big Mistake

If you don’t include this end of lease cleaning Sydney clause in your tenant’s rental agreement, it would be a big mistake. This can leave the cleaning of the property up to the tenant. While not all tenants will provide a sub-par job, statistics prove that most of them will. This can create a major headache for you. 

If the rental unit is not appropriately cleaned, you’re likely going to have to pay to have it cleaned yourself. This is another expense that you’ll need to pay for every single time a tenant moves out of your rental unit. This can add up. Plus, realize that you won’t be showing the unit until it has been vacated and cleaned. The lack of proper cleaning can tack unnecessary waiting time between your old tenants and the new ones. 

Taking Action with End of Lease Cleaning

If you are currently the one that writes up your lease agreements, it’s time to quickly change them. If you have a lawyer or property manager do it for you, then get in contact with them. Be sure to add on the end of lease cleaning Sydney by Whizz clause to all your future lease agreements. As a side note, you may be able to amend the existing leases for your properties. However, it may be difficult to get current tenants to agree to the additional clause as they perceive it as costing them more money when they go to move out. It’s definitely worth a try with your existing tenants, but don’t expect this clause to be accepted by every existing tenant you have.